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Ground Breaking
Premier Heart's MCG diagnostic technology is a revolution in cardiac care.

Premier Heart's software combines best-of-breed open source solutions with carefully designed proprietary technology, delivering a solution that marries ease of use with rock solid reliability and rigorous security.

MCG client systems run a customized embedded operating system engineered to meet the rigorous standards of reliability and stability inherent in the medical field. Our custom-developed data acquisition software and hardware are coupled with this foundation to produce an appliance suitable for use by physicians and office personnel.

Stable and Secure
The open foundations of the MCG client system allows us to benefit from an open and rapidly evolving set of technologies, and provides the ability to integrate well-tested and proven security measures in order to protect sensitive information stored on the MCG units.
Premier Heart's engineering team periodically evaluates patches and updates from the open-source community, releasing updates to our software that enhance and maintain the security and stability of the client systems.

Security features employed in the MCG system include
  • Hardened client machines
  • Secure remote assistance
  • SSL encryption on transmitted data
  • Optional encrypted patient data storage
In addition Premier Heart employs rigorous access controls and security checks on our internal network to protect patient information and confidentiality. For more information on security measures employed in the MCG network see our infrastructure page.

Easy to Use
Many features of the MCG system are geared toward providing the best user experience possible, including:
  • A fully wizard-driven system for creating, editing and testing patients
  • The ability to view or print reports from the MCG unit
  • A secure Remote Assistance facility to allow Premier Heart to troubleshoot probems live
  • Support for most Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Available integration with EMR systems supporting the HL7 standard

Constantly Evolving
The internet-based diagnostic portion of the MCG system is constantly evolving. Through ongoing clinical trials and the assistance of our clinical users Premier Heart's research team is continuing to identify indicators of heart disease that are only exposed through the multiphase analysis used in the MCG system.
Based on our ongoing research we are able to tune the diagnostic portion of the system, improving its accuracy and its ability to detect potentially life threatening conditions at the earliest possible stages.

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