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About Premier Heart
Premier Heart products are produced to the highest standards of quality.

About us

Premier Heart has been developing advanced cardiac diagnostic systems since 1998, and continues to expand the frontier of quality and accuracy in detecting coronary artery disease through our MCG technology.
Our goal is to revolutionize cardiology, raising the standard of care by combining a strong commitment to the practice of evidence-based medicine with cutting-edge research and feedback from our clinical users to deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information.


What The Experts Say....

"MCG provides the highest positive and negative predictive values of all CAD screeing tools. It allows to distinguish between patients who need immediate coronary angiography and those who do not."

- Dr. Michael Imhoff, in an evaluation of the MCG for a major European electronics manufacturer

"The MCG computerized ECG made a diagnosis of 'congenital heart disease' in a patient of mine, a man who clinically appeared to have only mitral valve prolapse but who turned out to have an entirely silent atrial septal defect."

- H. Robert Silverstein, MD
Division of Cardiology, Hartford Hospital

"The evidence shows that this device can identify early onset coronary artery disease before clinical presentation and this provides opportunity for aggressive preventative measures for a first myocardial infarction due to silent myocardial ischemia." "The MCG analysis is the most accurate current means for detection of heart disease non-invasively".

- Drs. Hickey, Mayes, Long, Lenns, Hart, Petty II.
Heritage Medical Center
Board Certified Internal Medicine

"MCG electrocardiograph is more sensitive than angiography at picking up dysfunction of the heart muscles as a result of coronary blockage."

- Dr. Joseph Hickey
Heritage Medical Center

"I believe the MCG, the enhanced computer ECG test, is certainly going to replace the scanning test for coronary heart disease completely."

- Dr. Dmitri C. Pyrros
excerpted from Senior Life, January 2002

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