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The MCG system is the most accurate means for non-invasive detection of heart disease currently available. Recent News

December 4, 2014
A study evaluating the effectiveness of MCG was published in OpenHeart.

    Premier Heart is pleased to announce the publication of an article evaluating the accuracy of the MCG diagnostic technology, in The BMJ's Open Heart Journal. This article is based on our recent studies in Japan, and is also included in our articles list, and is available for download here.


April 7, 2014
Premier Heart servers are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack
    Premier Heart's server infrastructe uses a version of OpenSSL which is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack (CVE-2014-0160).
    No patient data or user credentials stored by Premier Heart are at risk for this attack, however if you use the same password on your Premier Heart webapp account as on another service provider we strongly advise you to change your password for your own protection.


April 4, 2012
Tokyo Heart Center praises MCG
    Premier Heart's MCG system was highlighted in Tokyo Heart Center's Features page in late March.
    The MCG system has been in use at Tokyo Heart Center since 2012 under the supervision of the center's deputy director, Dr. Takeshi Hosokawa.


January 13, 2012
Category III CPT Code Descriptor update


November 15, 2011
Premier Heart Japan begins sales
    Premier Heart is pleased to announce the official launch of the Premier Heart/MCG brand in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.
    Heart Disease is a leading cause of death in Japan, accounting for over 180,000 deaths annually. Premier Heart hopes to improve early detection of coronary disease in Japan, and to continue to raise the standard of cardiac care worldwide.
    Premier Heart Japan is currently accepting orders, and will begin shipping systems in December of 2011.
    For more information on Premier Heart Japan please visit www.premierheart.jp


November 7, 2011
Paired Comparison Study published in International Journal of Medical Sciences
    An article comparing the accuracy of MCG testing to SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging has been published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences.
    This study continues to demonstrate the unique effectiveness of the non-invasive MCG testing, particularly with respect to the high accuracy (sensitivity and specificity) of MCG testing.
    View the Article


May 13, 2011
Two articles in Treatment Strategies


May 9, 2011
Article in INR Magazine
    Women's Heart Foundation founder Bonnie Arkus recently authored an article for INR Magazine detailing the many benefits of MCG testing.
    Featured in the article is the story of Walter, an 84--year-old patient who benefited from the rapid results available through MCG testing. Walter's dramatic story highlights just a few of the many ways MCG testing can benefit both patients and physicians.

    Article from May 2011 edition of INR magazine


April 2, 2011
Premier Heart at ACC 2011 in New Orleans
    Premier Heart was an exhibitor at the 2011 ACC conference in New Orleans. In addition to our booth showcasing the MCG system, Dr. John Strobeck presented a poster session on recent research comparing MCG to Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI - Nuclear Stress Imaging).
    A handout from Dr. Strobeck's poster session is available here, with additional informationa available from from our Articles and Abstracts page.


February 16, 2011
New article on the overuse of CT Angiography
    Premier Heart was recently notifed of an article discussing the over-use of CT Angiography by Dr. Bernhard Meier, Professor and Chairman of Cardiology at University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland.
    Dr. Meier's article discusses many of the shortcomings in current CT Angiography techniques which ultimately result in many patients being sent on for further traditional angiography, as well as other downsides of the procedure such as radiation exposure.

    Article from Kardiovaskulare Medizin 2008;11: Nr 6


September 14-24, 2010
MCG Introduced at Makati Medical Center & Malaysian Medical Council
    The Premier Heart international sales team, along with Dr. John Strobeck, recently brought MCG to the Philippines. Dr. Strobeck presented the MCG technology to to physicians at the Makati Medical Center, including demonstrating its use in clinical practice. Shortly after the presentation at Makati Medical Center a presentation was also made to the Malaysia Medical Council's conference, introducing Premier Heart's Multifunction Cardiogram system to some of the region's top cardiologists, internists and students.
    Reception of the MCG system was uniformly positive, with a strong interest expressed in both clinical and research opportunities using the technology. The Premier Heart team looks forward to beginning MCG deployments in the region in early 2011.

    Philippine Star article


February 11, 2010
Dr. Shen honored by Women's Heart Foundation
    Dr. Shen was honored at the Women's Heart Foundation's Red Dress luncheon for his work in developing the Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG) system. Women's Heart Foundation president and founder Bonnie Arkus stated "Dr. Shen's invention of the Multifunction CardioGram represents a major breakthrough in cardiology. … By recognizing Dr. Shen, we hope to raise awareness of ischemic heart disease and promote widespread use of the Multifunction CardioGram to save more hearts and more lives."

    A copy of the press release is available here.


November 30, 2009
ICECBM/AAUCM Appropriateness Review
    The Institute of Computational Electrophysiology and Clinical Biomathematics (ICECBM), in conjunction with the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM), has conducted an appropriateness criteria review of Premier Heart's MCG technology for a variety of clinical indications and scenarios. The overall results of this review were very favorable toward MCG, particularly in patients with symptoms or signs of possible coronary artery disease (CAD).

    A copy of the press release is available here.


November 9, 2009
MCG featured in Coding News
    Premier Heart's MCG system was featured in Coding News: Hot Coding Topics – a CPT Code information digest.
    The November 8th on-line article discusses MCG and other emerging Category III CPT codes for advanced diagnostic services in cardiology.

    An excerpt from the article can be downloaded Here.
    The full article is available from the Coding News Website.


September 30, 2009
Premier Heart Launches MCG in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Premier Heart is pleased to announce the launch of Premier Heart CICA, a new division to launch and support our MCG technology in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Please see the press release for additional information.


July 13, 2009
Premier Heart announces availability of MCG
    Premier Heart is pleased to announce the availability of the Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG), the evolution of our groundbreaking 3DMP technology. MCG delivers unparalleled diagnostic accuracy through a non-invasive pain, stress, and radiation-free test.
    Please see the press release for additional information.


July 2, 2009
AMA releases Category III CPT code for MCG
    Premier Heart is pleased to announce the release of our Category III CPT code in the July 2009 CPT update. This code will be used for insurance reporting and reimbursement as well as tracking adoption of MCG to substantiate "widespread use" for our Category I code application.
    MCG has been assigned the coding identifier 0206T, which will be implemented for use beginning January 1, 2010.
    Premier Heart has issued a formal press release on the availability of MCG and our new CPT code.
    Please see the press release for additional information.
    A copy of the AMA CPT update is available here.


May 1, 2009
Clinical Trial Meta-Analysis Published
    Premier Heart is pleased to announce the publication of our clinical trial meta-analysis, compiling data from our peer-reviewed studies conducted at leading heart centers around the world.
    The meta-analysis article has been published in the April edition of the International Journal of Medical Sciences, and is available in the Clinical Trials section of our website, or via this direct link.


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