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The MCG software is designed for ease of use, and can be integrated with common clinical workflows through the addition of process modules.

Premier Heart MCG™

Multifunction CardioGram

MCG is the second generation of Premier Heart's groundbreaking diagnostic suite. Building upon the proven technology behind our 3DMP system and feedback from our clinical users we have redesigned the user interface to fit in to typical clinical use cases.

Wizard-Driven patient management and testing processes minimize operator error, and real-time feedback on tracing quality helps to ensure the most accurate results possible.

The MCG software also allows for clinical information such as height, weight and blood pressure to be recorded with each session. Combined with powerful custom data fields this allows the treating physician to assess many of the clinical factors affecting a patient's condition.
In addition, process modules allow for integration with EMR systems to make MCG a smooth and regular part of your clinical workflow.

The MCG system is currently in beta testing at select client sites, with general availability planned in mid-2009. For additional information please see our MCG FAQ.

Selected MCG Screenshots

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